Software Engineer, Back End

Invention is our joy and passion. We love to work alongside brilliant, creative people (clients and employees alike). Let's solve big problems together!

At Pandera Labs we are building a different kind of Product and Software Solutions company

Taking inspiration from both Technology Consultancies and Product Incubators, we are building a company that provides the best of both worlds. We love exploring the varied domains and technical challenges that come with helping our clients solve their toughest and most interesting problems, but we also realize that some of the most fun and exciting work comes when building something for ourselves. We balance this by not only working with clients, but by building and maintaining our own products and incubating new companies around these products.

We are not doing this to create the largest or the highest-valuation company. We are doing this because we truly love learning new things, exploring new technology, solving tough problems, building things that didn't exist before, and watching other people get enjoyment out of something we built.

  • We are a group of engaged, inquisitive engineers who love solving interesting and complex problems.
  • We are polyglots, with experience using multiple languages, frameworks, and tools across various projects.
  • We believe that if it's not challenging, fun, rewarding, and knowledge building, then it's not worth doing.
  • We believe in constant improvement - we're always searching for smarter ways to do things.
  • We believe in using the right tool for the job at hand - whether that's a tried-and-true classic or an up-and-coming disruptor.
  • We believe that engineering is a craft that should be continuously honed and refined through practice and discussion. We stand up for Builders.
  • We believe that laziness can be a virtue. We love automation (tests, builds, deploys, monitors) and invest in and leverage internal bootstraps and open source software
  • We value curiosity, empathy, honesty, and authenticity
  • We are self-directed, self-motivated, and we definitely don't take ourselves too seriously

“The prize is the pleasure of finding the thing out, the kick in the discovery, the observation that other people use it. Those are the real things."

- Physicist Richard P. Feynman on his Nobel Prize

Pandera Labs is seeking a Back End Software Engineer. Candidate should love the JVM and all things that run on it. Candidate should have mastery of at least one JVM language (Java, Scala, Groovy, etc) and be willing to dive deep into others. Candidate should have a desire to learn and contribute to the entire technology stack.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Java 8 / Lambdas
  • Spring Framework / Spring Boot
  • RDBMS (MySql / Postgres etc.)
  • Document Databases (MongoDB / Couchbase / Postgres etc.)
  • K/V (Redis / Couchbase etc.)
  • Alternative JVM Languages (Groovy / Kotlin / Ceylon / Scala)
  • Continuous Integration tools (CircleCi, Jenkins, Bamboo etc.)
  • Cloud Native Apps (AWS, PAAS, etc.)


  • Be Healthy - Health, dental, and vision offered through top tier providers and unlimited sick leave to keep you feeling at the top of your game.
  • Be Inspired - Collaborative workspace and unlimited vacation to keep your mind fresh and ready to take on the next new idea.
  • Be Supported - A large network of industry experts, internal training platform, and external learning opportunities to grow your skills and experience.  Additionally, we offer a phone plan so you can reach out whenever you would like.
  • Be a Team - Team outings, happy hours, passion presentations, volunteer opportunities, meetups, etc. we are creating a community to continuously share and grow as a team.