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The Future of Work - The Big Ideas Series

  • Pandera Labs 1 North LaSalle Street, Suite 250 Chicago, IL, 60602 United States (map)


This series is about big ideas, futurist thinking, and the effects of technology on the human condition. We are looking to gather some of the smartest, most creative individuals in Chicago outside of work to have a conversation about these big ideas. We believe that having these conversations can help us apply a new perspective to our lives while giving us an opportunity to challenge our own thinking and possibly to spark new creative endeavors.



The Obama White House released a report in December of last year stating that the effect of Artificial Intelligence (and automation) “threaten(ing) jobs over the next decade or two range from 9 to 47 percent” and that "83% of the jobs where people make less than $20 per hour will be subject to automation or replacement” []. As technologists, we are actively developing the technologies that threaten other people’s jobs and livelihoods while also increasing inequality. On the other hand, the technologies that we develop could provide for increased safety (self-driving cars), an improvement in the quality of jobs, and the possibility of increased leisure time for all workers.



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